RCG offers a range of project finance packages to private, corporate and government agencies. We mainly operate in the emerging markets, Africa in particular. We advice our clients on the most appropriate option or combination of options for their respective project.

Financing Options include:
Project Development finance
Collateral Management
Credit enhancements
Structured finance
Leveraged Financing
Private Equity investment
Corporate Finance

The range of projects that we consider for financing ranges from major capital/turnkey projects to include:
Marine mortgages (oil tankers and shipping),
Industrial/Manufacturing plants
Real Estate development
Acquisitions, etc

RCG have secured an agreement, in principle, with a number of investors and project financiers to negotiate investment and loan funding with prospective project promoters/entrepreneurs and government agencies under our stated terms and conditions below.

A potential investor/creditor is always mindful about making the project accountable i.e. reflect the commercial realities of the business and perspectives to create lasting financial improvements, as well as explicitly show the ability of the management to implement all adequate solutions. It is essential that all required documents are authentic and are made in compliance with the rules.

RCG provides the practical solution to enable our clients to identify the best option for financing and to also meet the demands of the investor/financier by:

Search for potential investors and creditors and negotiations with them, acting on behalf of the corporate customer during negotiations
Development of capital procurement portfolio of documents, ensuring compliance
Financial organization and follow-up of the project

We have successfully negotiated and completed a number of small and large scale project finance agreements for a couple of state governments in Africa and local projects in the UK - including the £14m regeneration project. Most recently, we completed a $250m USD loan and investment agreement for a large retail and leisure park in West Africa and currently working on a number of projects in real estates, housing and community infrastructures.

Please contact us at, for our procedures or with any enquiries.

"Providing Solutions for Success"

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