1. I/We have a project, which needs funding. How do I/We submit a package to you?
Please complete the enclosed application form and explain what type of financing you need and the nature of your project (Start-up, Expansion, Real Estate, etc.) and we will review this initial request to get an idea of interest. We will determine our level of interest if any and we will contact you with further recommendations and/or instructions. You may send your Business Plan by e-mail when available, but this is not necessary at this early stage. It is our policy not to return Business plans nor sign Non-disclosure Agreements; in the event we decline a proposition e-mailed plans will be deleted, and hard copies will be shredded.

2. What should be included in a funding package? Other than the normally accepted documentation for loan/funding approval and acceptance, there may be additional information requests by a specific investor/funder at a later stage. This information varies; however, we will assist in all areas to insure that proper documentation is available to the funder for a swift reply.

3. How long will it take you to reply to my/our initial request? Unless the request is unusual or complex, we will reply within 2 to 3 banking days.

4. Are you a Lender or Investor? Rhema Consulting Group is not a Lender or Investor; we are a firm that aligns businesses seeking capital to Lenders with that capital. The real plus in working with us is that we already have the Lenders and Investors listed with our network.

5. I receive similar propositions like yours from USA Companies that offer the same services, why should I use a source from Europe? We have seen the documentation of most of these firms and many promise you "heaven". We use the straightforward English way of promoting our business, without any fancy stuff, but we do what we promise and we hear and read not such positive reports regarding our USA competitors, although we're sure that there are various honest companies amongst these. We also work with a number of investors and international investment banks, agencies based in the USA.

6. Why do you require a retainer fee; why is it not possible that I pay upon closing? The first years that we were in this business we didn't charge a penny and lost lots of money on behalf of our Clients. We had high expenses, which could not be recovered since many of our Clients turned out to be not too serious. Many of them never got their paperwork or Business Plan together and left it up to us to prepare a Business Plan from a bag of unsorted paper they sent us. Many applicants asked us to arrange a loan, and after a while it happened regularly that they didn't send us adequate documentation, or they did not need the funds anymore, or their phone was disconnected, or they simply disappeared, but in the meantime we spent lots of time (an average of 150-200 hours on each project) and money on their behalf. Of course we don't say that you're not serious, but there's really no other way. Upon advice of our lawyers and accountant we now work on this basis, which is strictly according the Dutch law. In a nutshell: Professional Services are not for free, if they are you should really worry about their quality. We put forth our best efforts; if anyone is not prepared to pay our retainer or wishes to go into negotiation regarding this matter, then please stop reading here, since we will not respond to requests to pay our retainer at closing.

7. Would you make an exception on your Retainer Fee, when I promise to pay a higher commission at closing? We don't charge a retainer for Sale-Leaseback Finance and Factoring, as mentioned in our information. For the other services we expect a retainer to be paid to cover our basic expenses and time as explained above. There are no negotiations or exceptions. We do not accept stock in a company nor an extra "piece of the action" when a deal is successfully funded. We receive and review hundreds of executive summaries and/or business plans a month, and only have the capacity to process 2 to 3 quarterly, and prefer the viable projects of these clients that pay, over these trying to negotiate regarding this retainer.

8. If you do not intend to pay for our services, then please re-consider your position and don't contact us, since we definitely will not reply, but delete such e-mails immediately and block your e-mail address.

9. What are the total costs? These costs vary, depending upon the project, method of financing used, etc. For Debt and Offshore Finance such costs will be spelled out in a transparent agreement by the Lender all ahead of time.

10. Why is it sometimes necessary to compose or edit our Business Plan? The Business Plan you present is your most important tool when you need funding. Please bear in mind, you never get a second chance to make a first impression. The Business Plan we prepare or edit on your behalf will impress the prospective Investor and may make the difference between getting funded and not getting funded. This BP supplies all the information that an Investor ever needs to evaluate your proposal. It's easier to get immediate interest from an Investor when you provide them with everything they need, in the format they prefer.

11. I already have a complete and perfect Business Plan, why do you still need a retainer? We would still have to spend the same 150-200 hours by calling, faxing and e-mailing various Investors as explained under #6.

12. How do you send my Executive Summary to the potential Investors? We submit the Executive Summary to them by e-mail or on disk. For those lenders and investors that prefer hard copy documents, the Executive Summary will be prepared in book form. We transmit an Executive Summary to up to 100 international Lenders and Investors (if necessary) we have listed in our network. In addition Rhema Consulting Group will submit your funding request to any and all Lenders and Investors that have showed an initial interest (see Procedures #1). Others may not be part of our network, but if they are legitimate we will deal with them. From our network of Lenders and Investors not every one will consider every deal, but there is absolutely no better way to present your funding request to as many potential funders as possible, besides the ones we have regular contact with.

13. Is it necessary that we meet with you? No, there's no need for meetings, this is useless at this early stage. At a later stage Lenders or Investors would possibly wish to meet with you, but this is not always necessary.

14. How long will it take to close? Once a project/proposal is approved by an Institution, it depends entirely upon the speed in which the Client conforms to any additional requests for documentation from the funder. This process can take as little as a few weeks for to up to 45-90 days.

15. Can you guarantee that my project will be funded? No, nobody can - if someone does promise this he's lying and only tries to cheat you - although we will not knowingly participate with any Client, or in any project, we do not believe has a reasonable opportunity of being completed successfully. This determination is made based upon Client representations and our own internal review and investigation of the facts.

we will be happy to respond to any other of your queries, please contact us at

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